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The Story

From Krys Roxien comes the English translation of Antonia de Rocsini, Queen of the Pirates.

A pirate queen born a princess. This is the true story of Antonia de Rocsini, Queen of the Pirates. First discovered in 2004 during a random genealogy search, Krys Roxien unveils the first English translation of this stunning account. Hidden from the pages of history for far too long, Antonia de Rocsini was both loved and feared in the 17th-century kingdoms of Italy and Sicily. Born into a royal family only to be swept into a life of piracy by unforeseen circumstances, Antonia de Rocsini’s biography will take its audience on one woman’s journey through unforgettable battles, loves, struggles and triumphs. Keeping true to the tone and mood of her heroine’s time, Krys Roxien reveals the shocking, sensuous life and times of history’s most extraordinary pirate queen.

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